Nature Study: More C02 Means a Greener Planet

Truth is not popular, and in the case of, “apocalyptic,” climate change, putting truth to lies is suicidal. In the same span of time the earth hasn’t been warming, voices behind the climate change movement have grown evermore shrill. Members of the science community are mandated to believe that increased levels of C02 is a bad thing, or face losing hundreds of billions in federal funding . But what if I told you, that more Co2 emissions actually helps life flourish? Radical, I know, but according to an group of smart (non-government) climate deniers, higher levels of C02 is (potentially) a good thing for plant life on earth. But, before looking at the study, here’s some basics you need to know.

First, some basics on Carbon Dioxide. Green leaves use energy from sunlight combined with Carbon Dioxide and water to undergo the process of photosynthesis. The product is sugars (glucose), the baseline for food (fuel) for all life on earth. In fact, without sufficient levels of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, life on earth would starve to death, and according to real (tamper-proof) science, this vital gas can only be found in select amounts. C02 is a, “trace gas,” comprising of only .04% of our atmosphere (, and yet, there remains plans in place to cut emissions. The intention would be to halt global warming, but at what cost to life on earth? There may be some collateral damage to plants, and human life as a whole.

Carbon Dioxide levels have reached its highest point in the past 400,000 years (, and according to some recent, “inconvenient,” research, this rise is central to flourishing plant life. Higher levels of Carbon Dioxide has helped half of the world’s plant life grow over the past 35 years, meaning more crops, food, and a greener earth.

The Study

     We know for a fact that C02 (plant food) has a vital role in fertilization. But to what extent specifically? In an excerpt from the Nature Climate Change on April 25th, editor Samson Reiny cites a study aimed at answering that exact question. Conducted by a team of international scientists involving 32 authors, and 24 institutions from 8 countries, the study sought to uncover the specific (measurable) impact of C02 on plant fertilization in comparison to other factors including nitrogen levels, precipitation, sunlight, and rising global temperatures. All factors were run through computer models mimicking plant growth by satellite imaging. The results? Well, let’s just say it didn’t win them any brownie points with the climate change cult.


     Carbon Dioxide, the evil, “man-made,” capitalistic gas poisoning all of us, was actually found to be the overriding factor in plant growth. Co-author of the study Ranga Myneni, a professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University, said, “Results showed that carbon dioxide fertilization explains 70% of the greening effect (Reiny).” The second closest? Nitrogen, at about 9%. Furthermore, only 4% of the earths surface has seen a decrease in plant life over the measured time. Thus proving, whether directly or indirectly, that earths warming (is not) hurting plant life.

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5 Reasons why, Gun-Control is a Myth

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“And remember students, make sure to explain why you have taken the position you have. Like if you are for gun rights, then explain why I need an assault rifle. I mean, seriously, why!?” – Tolerant Professor

“She is gonna regret the day she crossed me,” I snickered to a friend as I moved hastily toward my professor’s desk, “watch this.” I turned the chair to face her, and with a smirk lining my face I declared, “Gun control is a myth, and I would love to talk about exactly that.” My sentiments weren’t received invitingly. Her face morphed into something out of an early 20th century horror film- Eyebrows elevated, jaw dragging on the floor, and trigger alerts flashing above her head. She had met the enemy, and was helpless against me.

It was Thursday November 10th, 2016. Only two short days after the rebuke of the Ubama/Clinton regime, and academia was still recovering. Tension in the classroom  was so thick it would have taken a diamond saw to cut through it, and the professor’s body language spoke of a pity drinking hangover. So I sat quietly, somewhat uncharacteristically, reading from the stapled paper that had crossed my vision. “It’s the final speech assignment,” I muttered to myself, “and it looks like she’s out for blood.” It read…

Your final assignment will be on a, “hot button,” topic in American politics.

Acceptable topics include… Why the electoral college should be banned. Making College Free. Climate Change. Women’s Role in the Workforce.

 Unacceptable Topics include… Anything regarding race, religion, abortion, and illegal immigration.

It was the timeless piece of socialist indoctrination that I had grown all-to-familiar with. Playing, “devils advocate,” up to that point had become second nature. But, the hour for playing patty-cake with the tenured left had ended, and it was time to put truth to lies, and release the unapologetic conservative provocateur I couldn’t keep caged in. So, in the spirit of critical thinking, here’s a glimpse at the, “Top 5 Reasons,” gun control hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and will never work.

 5 Reasons why Gun-Control is a Myth

"The battle for, "common sense," gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic and reason... So expect more meaningless, if not harmful, 'gun control,' legislation. Good news-
if you're a crook." - Larry Elder  

1. Historical Tyranny

   Castro, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and every other crackpot in history first seized guns. Because then, and only then, once all political enemies had no arms in front of them, or balls beneath them, autocratic takeover was inevitable. 94 million lives were slaughtered in, “gun-free,” communist/socialist ruled states in the 20th century. While meanwhile, Americans in the 21st are forfeiting their little freedom in order to achieve not safety, but crime and tyranny. Gun-control and Government-control go together like Beavis and Butt-Head, f.

2. The Assault Rifle Scare

   Assault rifles accounted for .018% of all homicides in 2014. And only a fraction, of that fraction, were owned legally ( In comparison, fists, feet, human extremities, and WorldStar Hip Hop, killed up to 4x as many Americans in the same time frame. Proving without a doubt that, if you’re hell-bent on killing someone, you don’t need to shell out $600 plus on an AK-47. And just to throw a little salt on the wound, according to a study done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Although most crime isn’t committed with guns, most gun crime is committed with hand guns (” Sure, Assault rifles are awfully scary looking, but I would be more concerned about shopping carts falling from the sky.

3. The FBI Sucks  

   Washington lacks the ability to do its job. Shocker, I know, but while advocates holler for further control, the Bureaucratic cesspool in Washington has proven time in and time out, that they can’t follow their own established laws. According to the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation, “Of the 22 major federal gun statutes, 20 are almost completely ignored.” Furthermore, under the Obummer administration, illegal gun prosecutions dropped a staggering 40%, that’s almost half the amount old George’s administration prosecuted, in all of their gun-toting Texas Christian glory.

   There may be no better example of this bureaucratic incoherence than the Dylan Roof murders. The confederate, bowl-cut-wearing, liberal hate-feast had a secret. One that former FBI director Comey will most certainly take to his grave. According to ABC news on April 11th, 2015, Roof attempted to purchase a firearm outside of his hometown of Columbia through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS.) The report illustrates that an, “FBI examiner found a felony drug charge on his record.” Which, in turn, should have officially terminated the purchase right? Wrong. The Federal examiner, either out of pure stupidity (most likely), or human error, neglected to follow up on this small, yet significant detail. And according to the Bureau’s own statutes, “If FBI examiners do not respond within three business days… the law allows the dealers to decide.” So five days later on April 16th, the purchase was approved. Giving the green light to a deranged throwback intent on slaughtering people for their skin color.  Imagine that. The most, “diverse,” bleeding heart marxist regime in American history also approved of mass hate crimes. You can’t make this up.

4. Chasing Ghosts

   If this means obtaining firearms illegally through gunrunners, theft, or the deep web, they’ll do it. Essentially becoming ghosts in the eyes of crime investigators, if there smart enough NOT to leave fingerprints. Unless, of course, they’d prefer to have their rectum permenantly reshaped in a prison cell.

   When shopping for a firearm to murder with, it is not advisable to contact your local Federal Firearms dealer (FFL). Most criminals, or at least ones with a modicum of common sense, abide by this guideline. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, “guns seized at crime scenes aren’t leading back to gun stores (” Rather, most of them are being stolen (80%), or re-sold multiple times before use in a crime. Sure, the overt majority of guns are legal at first,  but the ATF also confirms there remains a, “12 to 13 year gap,” between initial purchase, and crime. Leaving plenty of room for the gun to switch hands beyond the radar of federal jurisdiction.

   Like mentioned above, stolen weapons (those not affected by new “Common sense” regulations),  account for over 80% of the overall gun crime statistic ( ATF statistics from the year 2012 highlight specifically that, “190,342 guns total were lost or stolen in the United States.” Of that staggering stat, 93% of criminals stole from a, “private car, or residence.” So here is a novel idea… LOCK YOUR GUN UP. It might save more lives than any democrat,  and it will save me a headache.

5. Be the Wolf  

“There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs… Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep.” -Chris Kyle  

   Roughly 99% of criminals prefer an unarmed, and unprepared victim.

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Shaking Hands: What Rugby Can Teach Us About Politics

Whoso sheds his blood with me on this field shall be my brother.” -King Henry V

friendsRugby is a fascinating game. A wonderfully fascinating, and bitterly ugly game. Cuts, bruises, broken noses, blood, and a few fractured limbs are just a few of the occupational hazards.  Men with thighs the size of tree trunks, and biceps the size of my thighs, clash with unmistakable force, naturally separating boys from men. 80 minutes in total, 22 men all together,  and each one fighting with every ounce of energy within himself to win. Its a spectacle that channels violence in the most organized manner possible. As my favorite saying goes, “At baseball games they play organs. At rugby games we donate them.”

However, it isn’t the ugliness that happens in between the whistle that separates this sport from others. It’s what happens after the fog of war has cleared, that sets the game of rugby, and its athletes, apart from the otherwise left-leaning billion dollar sports/political complexes in America. For starters, theres are a few standards that come with being a, “gentleman’s game.” No twitter beef, no childish on-field antics, no $100 million in guaranteed money, no private jets, no private interests, no outspoken (and uneducated) political hacks, just good old-fashioned head bashing. But no matter how ugly things get, when the final whistle sounds players put aside their pride, shake hands, and crack open a cold beer. Maybe its just a European thing to settle disputes over alcohol, but there is certainly a larger lesson to be learned here.

“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” -Indira Gandhi


Politics is very similar to rugby. Weird, I know, but let me explain. To call America’s political climate “divided,” would be similar to calling the sport of rugby, “friendly.” The blatant one-sided rhetoric of both sides, coupled with the constant bombardment of slander, has caused a deep seeded division in America that has polarized even the most modest minds, and put others in the hospital. Political uproar has flooded social media, classrooms, workplaces, and the streets. Friends have been lost, families divided, and 65 year old men beaten unconscious by college students with sticks. In fact, according to a 2014 study done by the Pew Research Center, “Partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive than at any point in the past two decades.” But maybe, just maybe, it isn’t about who’s right, or wrong.

Fact is, there is plenty of finger pointing to go around. Plenty of fact-checking to be done. Plenty of unfettered debate to be had. And PLENTY of blame to be placed on both sides of the isle for the cesspool our country has become. But at the end of the day, its about shaking hands. Free speech is ugly, debate can be bitter, but if there is one thing that we can learn from the sport of rugby, it’s that we can all learn to fight another day.

So no matter what kind of fight you get into, whether physical, intellectual, or otherwise, do what rugby players do. Take a deep breath, shake hands, grab a beer, and get the hell over it.

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